Savannah Police Department rescue poor visioned pup stuck in a marsh

Photo: Savannah Police Department

A poor-visioned pup named Wally is back in the arms of his owner after he got stuck in a marsh.

Wally disappeared Monday in the area of the Vernon River in Savannah. It was dark out and his owner feared that Wally may have wandered into a nearby marsh.

"You see, Wally is a sweet pup but his vision isn't what it used to be. When he went missing in the area of the Vernon River, his owner was beside herself. Not only was her bestie Wally missing, but it was dark and he was already suffering from poor vision. She feared that he might have wandered into the marsh. Luckily Officer Hernandez could hear Wally but couldn't quite get to him. He called in other Delta Watch officers at Southside Precinct to assist.

We've all got a little Wally of our own at home, don't we? So these officers who came out did what they knew needed to be done to get Wally back to safety. Officer McDonnell quickly changed into his wet suit, geared up and entered the marsh, bringing Wally out safely -- just a little dirty!"

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