Georgia Southern not planning to close any campuses ahead of Ian

By Camille Syed

Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 1:39 PM EDT

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Georgia Southern officials are closely following Hurricane Ian.

University leaders say they have been sending notifications to students this week about what to expect

As of Tuesday afternoon, Georgia Southern has no plans on closing any of the three campuses due to Ian but they are warning students, staff and faculty to be prepared for the storm.

As emergency management officials are not issuing any evacuation orders at this time, Georgia Southern spokesperson John Lester says they will only close operations if necessary.

“We’ll look at the conditions and make a decision as we go through the week on whether or not the conditions that predicted here will put any of our students, faculty or staff at risk,” Lester said.

And as students will remain on campus, junior Kimberly Brant says she received an email from the administration warning her about the storm and providing preparation tips. She says she needs that since this is a new experience for her.

“I’m from more inland in this state so I’ve never really had to worry about tropical weather,” Brant said.

While not too worried about her safety, she still has other concerns.

“I’m definitely worried about power and the roads are going to be a little hard to drive on. Stuff like that,” Brant said.

Lester says they hope people will prepare how they see fit.

“We’re encouraging people to make decisions that are best for you at the time. We want everybody to be prepared, follow local media and the recommendations they’re making as far as how to be ready for when and if something happens,” Lester said.

Lester says if anything changes and they do have to close campuses, students, faculty and staff will know immediately through the Eagle Alert system.

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