Mother asking for help five years after her son was killed in Clyo

By Alyssa Jackson

Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 11:16 PM EDT

CLYO, Ga. (WTOC) - A cold case in Clyo, Georgia has no leads almost 5 years later. Cameron Edwards was shot in 2017.

One of the last calls a parent wants to get is that their child was killed.

Cameron’s mother, Scherric Edwards said, “On Saturday morning, I’ll probably be anticipating it all over again as if I’ll get the call.”

5 years ago...

“I’m thinking it’s a joke...I’m thinking girl don’t play with me don’t call my phone with the foolishness and I hung up.”

Scherric Edwards got that call.

“The first thing I could do after that was call my momma. Anybody, even a grown person...first thing you wanna do is call your momma.”

Edwards’ life was taken at only 22 years old. He shot and killed instantly as he opened the door at the Goldwire Center in Clyo.

“Not even just a mother...anybody can imagine driving up and seeing your baby laying on the cold ground. No movement. No life. No nothing.”

19 witnesses are listed on the incident report. Cameron’s mother said hundreds more were at the party.

“This was planned,” she said.

Detectives haven’t been able to prove it, but if Edwards could’ve taken her son’s place, she would have.

“If God had came and said him or you...I would’ve took those bullets for my baby. That would’ve gave him a chance to be here for his babies.”

His babies, one whose birthday is on the day Cameron was killed.

“Looking into my other kids eyes and my eyes you can see there’s some light that has been dimmed.”

The family tries to keep memories of him around, “like blankets.”

What would help bring some peace is an arrest, but there are no leads, according to the sheriff. Although Edwards doesn’t know who killed her son, she is not holding any grudges against the killer.

“I forgive him because that’s what God expects of me...forget I would never...I would never. I can’t.”

Her plea, as they get closer to the day that changed their lives...

“From a mother to a mother, from a mother to a father, from a mother to a child...put yourself in my shoes, my position, my family’s position...wouldn’t you want someone to come forward?”

As far as where this investigation stands now, the sheriff denied an interview about the case, but did send WTOC a statement that reads in part:

We haven’t forgotten about this case. We just haven’t gotten any new leads. There were a lot of people at the scene when the shooting occurred so I know someone saw what happened and knows who did this. They just haven’t come forward with any information. If anyone has more details or information on this situation, please give us a call.

There is still a reward of $7,500.

$2,500 comes from Crimestoppers and $5,000 comes from the governor’s office.

The number for the Effingham County Sheriff’s office is 912-754-3449.

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