Savannah woman warns of sex trafficking scare at Walmart on Hwy 17

Photo: Kiya Brooke

In a Facebook post that has now gone viral, Kiya Brooke details how she went shopping at her local Walmart on Hwy 17 in Savannah and discovered her car door handle covered in lotion and men parked next to her car watching as she was leaving.

"I had a feeling to look up and I did to find I wasn’t aware of my surroundings, parked next to my car, in front of my car and directly behind me were men staring at me from inside their trucks, two were outside of the truck approaching me and I took off running back into Walmart. I called the police and dispatch told me “this is a sex trafficking mark” the police escorted me to my car and I took that opportunity to take pictures of my car handle / surroundings. the large trucks had moved to different parking spots in a distance." said Brooke after noticing the lotion on her car door handle.

Read her full story below:

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