Cat rescued after spending 17 hours trapped in Forsyth Park tree

Photo: Getty Images

By Sam Bauman

Published: Jun. 16, 2022 at 3:41 PM EDT

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - While typically people come to Forsyth Park to admire the fountain, Thursday most were looking up.

Hanging on 45 feet above Forsyth, a one-year old cat named Murray.

“Murray loves to go outside,” said owner Cameron Powell.

But during a stroll through the park Wednesday night, “something scared him, and he jumped,” said Powell.

“Yeah he went ballistic,” added friend Leah Wheaton.

Climbing to the very top of a tree, where 15 hours later he remained.

“We stayed here all night,” said Murray’s other owner, Megan Powell.

The Powell’s and Wheaton sleeping in the park not wanting to leave his side.

“He’s our baby,” said Megan.

“He’s also our first born if you will,” added Cameron.

Murray’s family making calls, even going door to door looking for help

Then after hours of waiting and worrying it arrived.

“I believe this is just something that we do,” said Savannah Fire Fighter Justin Brown.

The Savannah Fire Department taking their truck right through Forsyth.

“I’ve seen ambulances and small vehicles come through here, but this is the biggest thing we’ve had come through Forsyth with me in it,” Brown says.

The ladder truck able to reach the top of the tree where Brown made the rescue.

“He was very combative; he didn’t like me at all,” joked Brown. “He was very scared he went further up the tree at first but eventually I got a hold of him and me and my partner were able to get him into the bag and get him down safely.”

Nearly 17 hours after he went up the tree, Murray was finally back in familiar arms.

Where he will likely stay for some time.

“No outside time for a little bit,” said Megan.

So, while it may have seemed like a lot just to get a cat from a tree, well, to these three, he’s not just a cat.

“Animals are just so precious, and we need to realize that these are people’s babies and they are family and I think they need to be treated that way,” said Cameron.

Now their baby is back where he belongs after a day they’ll likely never forget.

“This is the first tree he ever climbed,” said Wheaton.

“First and last, hopefully his last,” said Megan.

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