Savannah mayor says St. Patrick’s Day Parade still on

BySean Evans

Published:Jan. 18, 2022 at 6:09 PM EST|Updated

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Mayor Van Johnson said at Tuesday’s weekly briefing he met with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade committee last week, and as of right now, the 2022 parade is still on.

But that doesn’t mean there might not be some tweaks.

“You might have to make some modifications in light of what we’re dealing with, so they’ll come up with those. It might be less units, it might be a slightly different route. But right now, we’re still a go,” said Mayor Johnson.

Mayor Johnson said one of the benchmarks they’re still working to establish is a date when the committee would need to know if a permit for the parade would be granted or not.

“This would be for, really in my mind, extraordinary situations. We want to know when that is , and we’re going to help let them tell us when that is.”

The mayor said the parade committee will come back to the city sometime next week with an idea of that “need to know” deadline.

“They clearly understand the situation that we’re in, and they clearly want to protect their members and their parade participants, many of them who are pretty up in age.”

Mayor Johnson said if the decision to cancel the parade is made, it would be entirely the parade committee’s call barring any extraordinary circumstances where the city would have to pull a permit.

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