24e Design Company moves online after more than 30 years

ByAlyssa Jackson

Published:Nov. 28, 2021 at 10:27 PM EST

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A longtime business is moving off Broughton Street.

24e Design Company, a store known for its unique furniture, had its final sale Saturday night.

The store has been a fixture in Savannah since 1986. The owner said it was a tough decision to move off Broughton because this location has stuck with the family for generations.

“My mom always told me to not be the last person at the party and I decided that it was maybe time for us to take some chips off the table,” said 24e Design Company Owner Ruel Joyner.

You won’t be able to peek inside the windows of 24e anymore.

“It’s gonna be different not being on this street every day but Savannah is in us. Broughton Street is in us and we’re not going anywhere,” said Joyner.

24e has been in the family for decades.

“My grandmother, my father, my mother, my sister even came down from Macon today to help me close up,” the owner said. “Savannah is family and Broughton Street has always been our living room.”

Customers have enjoyed its quirks and special decorations.

“The really cool deer head over there...just combinations of all the really unique things,” said Shopper Karen Prejean.

Not being able to stop in the store is going to take some getting used to.

“I’m old school and I feel like this store was perfect for me,” said Prejean.

The owner said a lot of their decision came down to the age of the store and knowing it was time for a change.

“I believe that if a brand doesn’t evolve and grow and change with the times it’s gonna die,” he said.

Joyner said their customers kept them going all these years, but during the pandemic others weren’t as fortunate. So as they close out this chapter, he wants people to remember every dollar spent is a vote for a small business to stay.

“Of course everyone’s gonna shop at Amazon and they want the path of least resistance, but remember that dollar means a whole lot more to that local business than it does it Jeff Bezos.”

Joyner said this isn’t a goodbye. They might be moving out of that location, but they’re moving on virtually so keep an eye out for what’s next.

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