Several roads closed on Tybee Island due to flooding

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ByWTOC Staff

Published:Nov. 8, 2021 at 12:29 PM EST

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) - Cleanup efforts are underway for some people who live on Tybee Island after Saturday’s downpour and high tides over the weekend.

A few roads were closed due to flooding on Monday, which was unexpected according to some city officials and residents.

The areas that saw a lot of flooding are the areas close to the marsh. This includes where the Welcome to Tybee sign is on Old Highway 80.

Joseph Brown lives on Tybee and is one of several who had water come into their home. He says he was prepared, though, before Saturday. He lifted furniture and secured things that could float.

Brown says since 2014 his home has flooded about six times, so while he’s almost used to it, it never gets easier to watch it happen.

He says the deepest the water got in his home was about two inches, but outside a water line on his house shows it got at least 10 inches deep. Brown says he hopes today was the last of it and he can begin cleaning up.

“It sounded like, you know, bubbles coming out of the ground. I went to my bedroom and over in the corner there’s a low spot and it was coming right on in. Mop, bleach, mop again, scrub. It’s a lot. I’ll be cleaning the house for the next couple of days,” Brown said.

Brown was asked how he compares this flooding to past flooding and he says if there was a flood scale from 1-10, this one would be a 6. He says he’s been working on trying to get his house lifted, so he doesn’t have to deal with this anymore.

According to the City of Tybee Island, the following roads were closed as of noon on Monday, Nov. 8:

  • Old Highway 80 at the Welcome Sign
  • Venetian between 12th and A.Js Dockside Restaurant
  • 6th Street at Lewis Ave. & Miller St.
  • 7th, 8th and 10th Streets west of Jones Ave.

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