Family, elected officials react to officer-involved shooting in Savannah

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ByAlyssa Jackson | Published:Jul. 18, 2021 at 11:00 PM EDT

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Members of the Savannah community are reacting to a fatal officer-involved shooting that happened around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday. TheGeorgia Bureau of Investigation’s preliminary investigationsays that Maurice Mincey, 36, was shot and killed after he exited a vehicle during a traffic stop and pointed a gun at Savannah Police officers.

The investigation is on-going, and GBI will perform an autopsy at the GBI crime lab.

WTOC spoke with Savannah city leaders and members of Mincey’s family on Sunday about the shooting. Family members told WTOC they want answers, while elected officials are asking the community to be patient as the investigation continues.

“If you need answers, allow me to give me the chance to help the family grieve. Find out what the issue was and get some information, some true information from our law enforcement to figure out where we go and to give some type of closure as it moves forward in the process,” said Savannah Alderman Detric Leggett, who represents District Two.

Maria Scott, Maurice Mincey’s fiancée, says she was walking to the car to ask officers why they pulled the vehicle over.

“I turned my head one time and all I heard was shots,” Scott said.

Antonio Mincey, Maurice Mincey’s only brother, says all he can think about is his smile.

“Every time I come around the house, I see a smile on my brother’s face. And now I can’t see that no more, you know?” said Antonio Mincey.

Scott says she’s still trying to figure out how to break this news to their son.

“I’m running from my three-year-old son. I can’t even face him because he’s going to ask me ‘Where’s Dada?’” she said.

For now, they say they can only hold on to their memories.

“We’re grieving for a person that we love so dearly,” said Jermaine Milton, Maurice Mincey’s cousin. “He was a father, a brother, a homeboy, an uncle and everything to us.”

Alderman Leggett also said as the family processes what happened council will support them as much as possible and provide information as it is released.

Savannah Mayor Van Johnson says now is not the time for people to jump to conclusions about what may have happened last night.

“There are people who, their natural inclination is that police kill people. And so if a police officer is involved, that’s what they’re gonna say. I think that’s dangerous, it is absolutely irresponsible. And so again, I think it’s for the benefit of everyone involved to include this family. I think we have to wait until we know what the facts are,” he said.

Mayor Johnson added that the city will stand by the officer if evidence proves this shooting was justified. He said if it turns out that’s not the case, they will demand accountability.

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