Over 100 dead animals found at Bacon County woman’s property

ByDal Cannady | Published:Jul. 1, 2021 at 4:50 PM EDT

BACON COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A Bacon County woman is now facing animal cruelty charges after authorities found nearly 150 animals - some alive, most dead, on her property.

Investigators say Terri Lynn Taylor had more than 100 deceased dogs and cats on her property and several other animals in terrible health. They said Taylor had served as a foster home for animals for years and had teamed up with different animal groups.

Bacon County’s sheriff says he’s never seen a case of this magnitude. In addition to the dozens of animals rescued in poor health, remains of more than one hundred dogs or cats - all had been in the care of a long-time rescuer.

Deputies went to Terri Lynn Taylor’s home Friday at the request of a rescue group that had come to get some of the animals she’d taken in as a foster care provider.

“We have 20 live dogs, three of those in critical condition, two live cats. We recovered 64 cat car cases and 43 dog car cases. Those are preliminary numbers, they’re approximates,” said Sheriff Andy Batten.

The sheriff says Guardians of Rescue came and helped evaluate and document the animals. Investigators learned Taylor had been taking in animals, long term or short term, for years.

“Riding by the property, you couldn’t see the dogs. You wouldn’t know they were there. To my knowledge, I didn’t know that she was a fosterer or rescue worker.”

The sheriff says they’re holding her on two counts, but will be meeting with the District Attorney and anticipate bringing several more.

The Bacon County Sheriff’s Office said they turned over the surviving animals to Guardians of Rescue to rehabilitate them and find new homes.

Taylor bonded out of jail.

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