Garden City man gets the chance to become an honorary firefighter for a day

ByWTOC Staff

GARDEN CITY, Ga. (WTOC) - Garden City Fire is helping a local man fulfill his life long dream.

Tony Pickney became an honorary fire fighter during a ceremony Monday night. He’s had the wish of becoming a firefighter since he was a boy.

The department says he called 911 when he was 6-years-old telling the dispatcher he dreamed of being a firefighter when he grew up.

Tony has special needs that prevents him from joining the department, but held onto that wish throughout his life.

Now, at the age of 43 ,his wish came true.

“Tony Pickney has been in the Garden City community his whole life, he was actually born and raised here his father was born and raised here,” said Garden City Fire’s Chief. “And he’s always loved the fire department and the fire service. He’s come by our station and helped us out with our trucks and some of our training and our equipment, so tonight it was our honor to have him as an honorary fire fighter of the Garden City fire department and present him with his badge and his award.”

The Garden City Fire Chief also added Tony’s favorite football team is the Georgia Bulldogs.

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