Charleston man attempts armed robbery with toy gun

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office report that a man attempted to rob four people with a toy gun on Johns Island Saturday night.

According to the report, deputies say they responded to a call about an armed robbery in progress Saturday night around 10:15 p.m. Deputies were told that the victims were able to knock a gun out of the robber's hand and restrain him until help arrived.

Upon arrival, the deputies were directed to the weapon that had been tossed in the grass and discovered that the gun was plastic. The toy gun was black with no orange tip that would've indicated a fake.

The victims say that Robinson pulled up on a bike and demanded money from one of the victim's wallets. Robinson was found with over $300 of stolen money on him from the victim.

Robinson told deputies that he'd been defending his brother who he alleges was pistol-whipped and had his phone stolen by the victims involved. Robinson did not respond after being questioned on how his brother had notified him of the stolen phone.

Robinson is currently being held at the Al Cannon Detention Center awaiting bond.

Photo: Al Cannon Detention Center

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