Isle of Hope woman holds picnic for ‘deer’ friends

BySam Bauman|March 26, 2021 at 3:14 PM EDT - Updated March 26 at 3:14 PM

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - For many people, deer are can be a bit of a pest. Especially when it comes to maintaining your yard.

In fact, Kelli Mills who lives on the Isle of Hope, long ago gave up hope of having a picture-perfect yard.

“I cannot grow anything in this yard because the deer eat everything.”

Of course, if you ask the deer, it’s more their yard than hers.

“They often stamp their feet at me when I’m in my own yard and I’m like, ‘look this is the yard I paid for so get on back to the forest,’” joked Mills.

But earlier this week, a neighbor suggested Kelli flip the script and invite the deer out of the forest for a picnic.

“I was like, ‘lets do it!’ It’s fun! Silly, but fun.”

With the help of her niece Rivers, they set the table, selected the menu and waited for their guests to arrive.

“They did! 3:30 there they were, sniffing it out.”

And eventually, chowing down, “camellias, they love those. They eat every bloom that drops on the ground.”

A peace offering that was fully enjoyed.

“We had several plates that were completely cleaned,” said Mills.

Although Kelli and Rivers received rave reviews, it seems the deer shouldn’t get too used to high class dining.

“We’ll probably go back to throwing scraps in the yard and letting them do their thing.”

Mills said although they love watching the deer, they do so from a distance and never hand feed them.

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