Tree House’s alcohol license suspension extended

The suspension of Tree House's liquor license continues following a city council vote at a show of cause hearing Thursday evening.

The owner of Tree House will have 60 days to come up with a revised security city plan and meet with city leaders and police before being allowed to sell alcohol again.

Three recent gun incidents inside the bar were highlighted as reasons to revoke Tree House's liquor license. The most recent incident being the fatal New Year's Day shooting.

Another piece of evident supported to revoke the liquor license was calls for service data. According to the SPD, officers had been called to the Tree house just over 80 times in the last two years to include the latest homicide. Police described the calls as being consistent and regular.

The vote to suspend was unanimous. The vote to suspend Restoring the liquor license will be considered again as early as April 1.

Photo: WTOC

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