Vigil held for COVID-19 victims in Chatham Co.

By Bria Bolden| January 18, 2021 at 11:10 PM EST - Updated January 18 at 11:22 PM 

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As COVID-19 cases increase, one Savannah funeral home hosted a vigil to remember the hundreds of lives lost this past year due to COVID-19 in Chatham County.

The vigil celebrated the nearly 300 lives lost to COVID-19 in Chatham County. Fox and Weeks Funeral Directors say they wanted to give those who have lost loved ones a chance to mourn them.

“They really have not been able to celebrate the lives of the ones they love so we were trying to make that opportunity available,” said General Manager Pam Sullivan.

In a virtually held ceremony, faith and community leaders across Savannah came together to comfort hundreds of families throughout our community.

“Our loved ones are here with us in spirit. They are tuning in and they’re always tuning in to you,” said Rev. Billy Hester with Asbury Memorial Church.

Faith leaders also wanted to remind everyone who lost loved ones, they’re not forgotten.

“It is loss that ultimately leads to new life. God’s love for you lightens the burden,” said Bishop Emeritus J. Kevin Boland, Diocese of Savannah.

“For you who are bereaved of love ones. There is comfort for you from the word of God,” said Rev. Kenny Grant with Calvary Baptist Temple.

They also had a message for people tuning in, hope is on the other side if we all work together during this time.

“A lot of us are facing stress for so many reasons but there is help out there. Hope is in our eyes,” said Rabbi Robert Hass with Mickve Israel.

“We will defeat COVID-19. And we will do it together. That’s what makes us Savannah strong because we show Savannah love,” said Savannah Mayor Van Johnson.

Fox and Weeks funeral directors say they’ve seen a higher percentage of families who lost family members last year postponing funeral services until this year.

Now they’re also livestreaming their services.

You can watch Monday night’s vigil below:

Fox and Weeks COVID-19 Prayer VigilfromSabre CreativeonVimeo.

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