Attorney says Arbery suspect’s health deteriorating in jail

ByJessica Savage|January 13, 2021 at 3:32 PM EST - Updated January 13 at 8:26 PM

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - An attorney for one of the men charged in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery again has asked for his client to be released from jail because of his “uncontrolled high blood pressure.”

The request is on behalf of William “Roddie” Bryan. Attorney Kevin Gough requested the court grant a hearing and reconsider bond.

Bryan – previously denied bond – has spent the past six months in the Glynn County Jail on felony charges that accuse him of contributing to Arbery’s death.

His attorney in a recent court filing says Bryan’s health care could affect his ability to stand trial later. The argument is somewhat familiar, but the statement, “assuming he survives long enough to have a trial” is one that WTOC asked attorney Kevin Gough about during a recent interview.

Reporter: “What did you mean by that?”

Kevin Gough: “Look, Roddie Bryan has uncontrolled hypertension and that is potentially fatal. It interferes with his ability to prepare for trial. It interferes with his ability to have a trial.”

Reporter: “How have you been advocating for that care?

Kevin Gough: “The sheriff of Glynn County takes his responsibilities very seriously as does his staff. It’s not as if they haven’t been trying, they have taken him to a specialist and they are trying, but the bottom line is his high blood pressure has not been addressed. when don’t know when it will be addressed and every day it’s not it’s shortening his life.”

Bryan took cell phone video of the deadly encounter between Arbery and Travis and Gregory McMichael.

Arbery died after being shot by Travis on Feb. 23.

But it was the release of the video back in May that led to the arrest of Bryan and the McMichaels. Since then, all three have been held in the Glynn County Jail.

On July 21, Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley denied bond on the basis that Bryan poses a “significant threat” to the community “by failing to call 911 on the date of the incident.”

Yet Gough continues to push for Bryan’s release until trial.

“Roddie Bryan is presumed innocent. And what does it mean to say that we have a presumption of innocence in this country when we refuse to give people who are non-violent and not a flight risk a bond simply because they are charged with a serious offense. That’s a problem.”

There is also a pending sex crimes investigation involving Bryan.

Whether the court reconsiders bond is the judge’s discretion.

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