Christmas lights spectacle draws hundreds to Wilmington Island neighborhood

ByMariah Congedo|December 24, 2020 at 5:47 PM EST - Updated December 26 at 9:31 AM

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A Wilmington Island family’s home has caught the eyes of hundreds over the last month - especially at night.

About 12 years ago the light display started with just a few white lights. Over the years the tradition has become a part of the Edge family. Now they have about 750,000 lights in their front yard that shine bright every night.

A string of lights on the front porch was once the Edge family’s Christmas decor.

“Now, it’s all of this,” homeowner, Carole Edge.

Over the years, their front yard became a Christmas light spectacle and a home to thousands and thousands of light bulbs.

“I can’t even begin to know how many lights he’s bought and how many lights we have,” said Edge.

Carole Edge said her husband considers the light display his pride and joy. Edge said every year his creation grows.

“Five or six new pieces some years. Some years it’s a lot of pieces,” said Edge.

In about a month and a half, the Edge family and crew put out the lights. The hardest part they say is figuring out where to plug everything in and get everything to run smoothly.

“We’ve got a great electrician. We’ve got more power than most people would have in their house. There are three-panel boxes now,” said Edge.

Edge said they almost didn’t put the lights up this year, but quickly realized they needed to.

“This year, above all others, people need to forget what’s going on with the politics and the COVID and we did it. I think just for a few minutes everybody gets their mind off of everything and all they see is this happiness and joy.”

Edge said there were some things they couldn’t do this year, but they made sure that they did what they could to give back.

“People have really been giving, so it was nice to be able to hand him that check.”

Edge said with the monetary donations people who came to see the lights gave, they were able to help a man with some of his medical bills and put away some for the upkeep of their lights.

“I’m so glad that we can do something to give back to the community. With all of the drama that’s going on in the world now, it does somebody’s heart good. Some of these kids they’ve been coming since they were little and now they’re grown up,” said Edge.

The family said they are beginning to run out of room, so they may have to do some readjusting next year. If you’re eager to see the lights, they will be out until the new year.

You can find the lights on N. Sheftall Circle on Wilmington Island.

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