City of Savannah begins decorating for the holidays

ByZach LoganandWTOC Staff|November 23, 2020 at 6:40 AM EST - Updated November 23 at 9:40 AM

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce, one of the Savannah Holly Days partners, says the annual Christmas tree will be up this year, and they plan to set it up this Wednesday, Nov. 25.

Starting Monday and continuing over the next few days, crews are planning to decorate parts of the downtown area, including Broughton Street, City Market, River Street, and City Hall. The decorations are part of Savannah Holly Days, a marketing campaign to get locals and visitors to spend some time in downtown Savannah to support local businesses during the holiday season.

Normally, the campaign would include different programming, but with COVID-19 cases on the rise again, organizers say they will not offer any official events or activities this year.

After a crazy year of COVID-19 restrictions, store owners in downtown Savannah are hoping to see more holiday shoppers. Morgan Bryant owns Morgan Rae Boutique located near the west end of Broughton Street. Bryant says business has picked up since the spring lockdown and she’s hoping people will choose to do more of their holiday shopping downtown.

Bryant says she’s okay with there being no official Savannah Holly Days programming and is happy to still see the decorations.

“The tree is so iconic and beautiful. People come down to take their pictures in front of it. I definitely plan to take some social media pictures in front of it. So, I think it’s important that we have the decorations. I’m excited and looking forward to it,” Bryant said.

Chamber members suggest checking out the new Plant Riverside, which plans to offer some safe activities of its own, including a Christmas Market that will run Nov. 27-Jan. 3.

Donna Currier with the Kessler Collection explained how Plant Riverside will be utilizing outdoor space to keep visitors safe.

“This is an open-air event. 1,100 square feet. Plenty of room for guests to spread out and enjoy holiday decor, holiday events, and just be safe for the holiday season.”

Plant Riverside’s holiday programming is set to begin Friday, Nov. 27. For the full schedule,click here.

The citywide decorations will be up until the first week of January.

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