New anti-trafficking hotline created in Georgia

The state of Georgia has added a new resource to report information regarding human trafficking cases.

The creation of the statewide anti-trafficking hotline was announced on Wednesday by Georgia's First Lady Marty Kemp.

“The launch of this hotline is great news for our state,” Kemp said. “It’s going to allow all Georgians to play a critical role in advocating for those who are at risk and those who have been sexually exploited, increasing our capacity to address human trafficking in every community across the state.”

The Governor's Office details that the new hotline will help answer questions, receive timely assistance, and provide information to law enforcement officials 24/7.

“This hotline will be a direct link for anyone seeking help or to make a report to be connected to the correct resource,” Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Vic Reynolds said. “The coalition is taking a holistic approach to combatting the plague of human trafficking, and the GBI is proud to be a partner in that fight.”

The new program is being funded through awards received from the Bureau of Justice Associate and Office for Victims of Crime.

If you or someone you know have any information or suspicions of human trafficking, call the statewide hotline at 1-866-ENDHTGA or 1-866-363-4842.

Photo: Getty Images

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