Savannah couple celebrates 100th birthdays

ByMariah Congedo|August 8, 2020 at 10:36 PM EDT - Updated August 8 at 11:55 PM

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -WTOC is extending the happiest of birthdays to a husband and wife who both reached a major milestone on Saturday.

For almost 80 years, Billy and Nellie Jones have shared a love and life many around them are inspired by. On Saturday, the two celebrated the other turning 100.

“100 years of just love and honor and character that they’ve taught us,” said daughter-in-law Anne Jones.

The joy was in the air on Saturday as dozens shouted Happy Birthday to the couple from their cars, bikes, and golf carts.

The two have birthdays just four days apart and have always had joint celebrations. This year looks a little different, which came as a surprise.

“For somebody to do all of this work for me, I’m just speechless,” said Nellie Jones.

The two waved at all who drove by to wish them well wishes. Some even came with goodies.

“They love people and have always been very generous,” says Anne.

Through all the years, there's one story that the husband and wife always love to tell.

“She was practicing for a play at Savannah High School on Washington Avenue,” said Billy Jones. “A friend of mine waved at her and spoke to her. I said, ‘who is that?’ He said, ‘that’s Nellie. She’s in my class, would you like to meet her?’ He turned the car around, took me back and introduced me to Nellie.”

The Savannahians say a lot has changed throughout their 61 years in this very home, except for one thing.

“We haven’t changed,” said Billy.

The two say to live 100 years, the key is to work hard and to always follow the Lord.

“Go to church, love the Lord,” Billy says. “He’s the one taking care of us.”

“Try to do what he would like for you to do,” says Nellie.

The two are already planning for next year’s celebration, but this one may just be a hard one to top.

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