Savannah bar and rock venue The Jinx 912 to close its doors

The Jinx 912 announced to Facebook today that it will be closing its doors July 11th. Like many other businesses, the popular bar and rock venue was unable to pay rent following the pandemic and are being evicted.

The Jinx is located at 127 W. Congress St, right in Ellis Square. The bar opened 17 years ago and has become a staple in Savannah's live music scene.

"After almost 17 years of amazing shows, unrivaled spectacles, and some of the most special moments in life, Covid 19 has left us unable to pay rent and, subsequently we are being evicted. Sounds scary right ? It is. Yet, we need all of you, our beloved regulars, supporters, artists, musicians and free spirits to know one thing, this is NOT the end of the jinx. It’s just the end of the jinx in this particular building. We will absolutely persevere!"

The Jinx plans to eventually reopen in a new location.

"Our plan is to find a smaller home for now while the world rights itself, this unexpected and unprecedented time WILL pass, and we will reinvent ourselves and find a new home for us sooner, rather that later. This was eventually inevitable as our lease was to run out 12-31-2020 and we have been actively looking for a new spot for over a year, as some of you may know. However nothing we looked at really felt right, which is testament to how special this room is to all of us. Not just this room since 2003 when The Jinx opened, but all of the amazing years it was Velvet Elvis as well."

Photo: Getty Images

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