Savannah PD Issues Scam Warning


Savannah PD released a statement warning people of a telephone scam going around where the caller pretends to be a Savannah Police Department detective to extort money.

"In the instances, the caller identifies himself as a detective and demands payment in exchange for not being arrested. This is a known scam that has affected law enforcement agencies across the country and is similar to the warrant scam.

If anyone ever calls demanding money, whether the person claims to be law enforcement or from the utilities department, hang up and call the agency or business and question the conversation. Always look up the number for yourself instead of calling back the number that came up when the caller called you. Also, never provide financial or personal information to a caller.

The Savannah Police Department will never ask for money from the public.

If you believe you have been a victim of this scam, contact the law enforcement agency in your jurisdiction."

Photo: Getty Images

Source: Savannah PD

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