McIntosh officer shares reason for posting emotional video that went viral

A Facebook video posted by a McIntosh County Sheriff's deputy has gone viral. The video shows the deputy breaking down about a the deputy worrying that her McDonald's order wasn't safe to eat.

Deputy Stacy Talbert ordered food from a McDonald's in Richmond Hill, Georgia and waited for quite some time before getting her food and realizing the restaurant had gotten her order wrong.

The deputy said the employee apologized and offered to remake the order and giver her a refund, but Talbert declined.

The deputy said she didn't trust that the food was safe to eat because she couldn't see the food being made.

In the video, the deputy got emotional saying the incident was more thab just the food, but about dealing with hate and anger as a result of being in law enforcement.

“I understand where it comes from, but when you’re on the receiving end of it, it is painful especially when you’re on the receiving end and you didn’t do anything to deserve that except wear a uniform,” said Talbert.

Talbert says she posted the message to her family to let know how she was feeling and says she had no idea it would be watched by so many people.

Source: WTOC

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