Police arrest 35 people on Sunday in connection to protests in Charleston

The Charleston Police Department reports a total of 35 people arrested on Sunday following protests in downtown Charleston.

The arrests began in the early afternoon when police responded to an illegal gathering in Marion Square. Police gave warnings that arrests would be made if protesters did not leave.

Pictures and videos captures many people being taken into custody as people gathered illegally in the square.

Protesters were peaceful and did follow those who rioted in downtown Charleston on Saturday night.

Things quieted down as the curfew rolled around at 6pm, then an hour after curfew began, police responded to incidents in Johnson Square. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster enacted a curfew from 6pm to 6am to combat rioting.

A fire started near Johnson Square, many refused to go back to their homes and leave the area.

Photo: Getty Images

Source: WSCS

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