Turtle smashes through window of car driving down Truman Parkway

A woman and her brother were left disturbed after a turtle smashed through the windshield of their car as they traveled on Truman Parkway.

Latonya Lark posted about the bizarre incident on Facebook saying, "My prior delimer... Mr Turtle was found at fault but he did not have insurance. He got escorted to the Wildlife reserve, I got stuck with the bill. So beware Savannah of flying turtle on the Truman Parkway. My brother almost lost his head. Besides my sugar going off the roof.. I am fine but disturbed.."

A turtle had somehow burst through the passenger side of her windshield after another car almost hit it.

The Chatham County Police Department responded to Lark's call. WSAV reports that a spokesperson from the department says they have not determines exactly how the turtle ended up airborne.

According to the police report, Lark's windshield was too damaged to drive and had to be towed.

The turtle survived the incident and was removed from the car, but lost one of its legs.

The responding officers were able to remove the turtle safely. Although it survived the freak incident, Lark says it did lose one of its legs.

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