Many stores in downtown Savannah wait to reopen

View through window of closed sign in shop

ByMariah Congedo|May 3, 2020 at 5:58 PM EDT - Updated May 3 at 10:52 PM

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Now that the shelter-in-place order is expired, stores have the opportunity to reopen.

While some stores have done so, others are still holding on until the time is right.

Morgan Rae Boutique is a retail store in downtown Savannah.

Owner Morgan Bryant says since they’ve been closed, they’ve been doing home deliveries and curbside pickup.

Even though this isn’t ideal, she says it’s the better option versus opening up too soon. Bryant says she and her employees have been monitoring social media and following along with what other businesses are doing to determine when they’ll decide to bring customers back in.

“Within our little retail community downtown, I am definitely watching what others are doing," Bryant said. "I see some stores have opened. We’re just not comfortable doing it quite yet. I hope that it’ll be in the very near future.”

Once the boutique does open back up, the owner says they’ll just allow one person in at a time for a while and clean when customers leave.

“I have had few appointments within the store, but besides that it seems like everyone is most comfortable with home deliveries and not coming into the store quite yet,” Bryant said.

“As a business, you have that responsibility that’s not only for yourself but for your employees and your customers,” says Rosa Carpenter, owner of RMC Boutique.

Carpenter says it’s been hard having to turn people away from her store.

“People are like, ‘are you open?’ You feel bad turning them away, but you just have to make sure that when you are open that the right measurements are set forth,” she says.

Both stores say their plan is to open up later this week.

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