Teens can get drivers license without drivers test due to COVID-19 in GA

For teens, getting your driver's license is a big milestone, a rite of passage. The coronavirus has put many activities on hold including the driving test. 30,000 teens across the state have had their driver's test put on hold. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has taken action to change that.

The state is now allowing 16-year-olds to receive their driver's license without taking the road test.

“It allows this driver to move to that next phase without having to take the road test,” said Spencer Moore, commissioner of the Dept. of Driver Services.

Teens seek who would like to get their license can obtain one on the DMV website. They need a written statement showing that they have completed 40 hours of supervised training with the help of an adult or professional instructor.

Teens who qualify for a provisional license can print it out after getting approved online. A couple of weeks later, the actual license will arrive in the mail.

Photo: Getty Images

Source: WTOC

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