Savannah Arts Academy teacher delivering joy to students

ByBlair Caldwell|April 8, 2020 at 4:57 PM EDT - Updated April 8 at 5:26 PM

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Disappointment. That’s how several senior students describe the cancellation of their high school year.

But one teacher at Savannah Arts Academy is doing his best to support his students during this tough time.

It may look like just a sign in a window, but this sign is making the day of seniors at Savannah Arts Academy.

“It makes a huge difference. I am going to remember this, I really am because it’s a sign, but it means so much more. It shows the love and caring for us and for me," said Savannah Arts Academy senior Cassidy Burns.

If you drive around you may see a few of Mr. Williams's favorite seniors—67 of them to be exact. While they can’t be in physical class together he sent them a sign to show he cares.

“These signs were just a moment of saying, hey I know things are hard, I appreciate you, let’s make this final push even though it’s quite unconventional," said SAA science teacher Jdhordane Williams.

Mr. Williams and his wife spent their own money to have the signs made and spent three days and multiple hours delivering them all over town.

“All the way from downtown Savannah, to Richmond Hill, to the Landings.”

But beyond just giving students the signs, he also wrote a special personalized message for each student.

“I was like talking about it like until the next day. I was like oh my gosh he came to our house like yeah I was really excited," said senior Leah Mikell.

“I know that he actually did care about us he wasn’t just going through the motions like a normal high school teacher. He genuinely wanted everything that we could have thought we had for our senior year and knowing that we can have that he just wanted us to have some sort of happiness," said senior Tahja Alford.

Mr. Williams says sending the signs was a way to tell his students something, but turns out, they have a message for him now.

“Thank you, It means so much to me," said Cassidy.

“Just thank you for making my senior year really fun," said Leah.

“I’ve had my struggles in high school and having you there and constantly on my back to help me through it. I really mean, it really means a lot to me and I know if I didn’t have you high school would have been a completely different story, so thank you for always being there to help me out and I hope after all this goes over we’ll be able to see each other at least once more," said Tahja.

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