Ghost Coast Distillery is producing hand sanitizer to help meet demand

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, there have been shortages on essential products including toilet paper, masks, and hand sanitier. Many are stepping up to help meet the demand of these products. Local Savannah distillery, Ghost Coast is one of the many offering help!

The distillery announced plans to use their facilities to produce a signature hand sanitizer for those in need. The initial priority is getting the hand sanitizer to first responders and medical workers, and eventually reaching the general public.

In an interview with Savannah Morning News, General Manager Chris Sywassink said, “Hand sanitizer is something that has been in short supply, and we evaluated our process and determined that was something we could produce pretty easily. Ghost Coast has always had a goal of giving back to our community. It really was a no-brainer, once we got the go-ahead from the powers that be.”

The sanitizer is called Daisy Maze Hand Sanitizer and will be 80% alcohol, topical antiseptic solution. The sanitizer will be available is 750ml and 1L bottles. Purchases can be made through Ghost Coast Distillery's sales department.

For those in urgent need contact Sales Manager, Jack Carr:

Photo: Getty Images

Source: Savannah Morning News

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