Lovebirds celebrate 70 years despite COVID-19 and Alzheimer's complication

Jennifer Bettner of Jesup shared this heartwarming story of her grandparents with us. Grab the tissues, folks.

Bettner's grandparents, Warren and Juanita, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary yesterday in a very unique way.

"My grandmother has been in a nursing home for the past 3 years due to severe Alzheimers. She hasn't been able to speak a complete sentence in nearly 4 years. My Grandfather has remained faithful to her by visiting her every day, though, where he feeds her dinner daily, and sees that the staff of nurses are caring for his "honey" as he sees fit. He still irons her clothes and brings them back to the nursing home weekly. However, the recent pandemic and distancing precautions have not allowed him to visit her in over 2 weeks. Today, however, marks their 70th wedding anniversary. Not even a pandemic will keep these "lovebirds" from celebrating their love and dedication for each other that began 70 years ago."

Love never fails! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, Jennifer!

Photo: Jennifer Bettner

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