Joint ‘State of Emergency’ declared in Bryan County

ByWTOC Staff|March 23, 2020 at 6:49 PM EDT - Updated March 24 at 1:02 PM

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - County and city governments in Bryan County have declared a joint “State of Emergency" resolution.

The resolution was signed by county government and the city governments of Pembroke and Richmond Hill.

The order stays in effect until April 3 unless changed or extended by further government actions.

You can read the full resolution byclicking here.

The following are the provisions that were approved:

  • Any person showing symptoms recognized by the CDC as indicators of COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19, or are awaiting results of any such testing, or been advised by any health professional to self quarantine shall refrain from entering public buildings, restaurants, shops, public transportation facilities and all other areas where the public ingresses or egresses. Such person should seek medical attention and follow the directions of their Primary Care Physician until given the clearance to return to public interaction.
  • All eating establishments, bar and nightclubs within the County, both incorporated and unincorporated areas, shall reduce indoor or outdoor seating capacity to not more than 10 persons at any one time and shall additionally ensure that all indoor and outdoor seating is sufficient to achieve 6-foot social distancing among those customers within the establishment. Restaurants bars, night clubs that cannot achieve the 6-foot social distancing are ordered to close. Restaurants capable of providing delivery, take-out or drive through services may remain open and are encouraged to increase these services and avoid in-house dining as much as possible.
  • Eating establishment regulations prohibited in Section 4 of this Resolution shall not include cafeterias located within medical, industrial, government or other such production facilities that are performing essential functions that are necessary to promote health, welfare and vital resources in Bryan County. These facilities are strongly encouraged to stagger meal times, limit use as much as feasible to achieve social distancing, and to thoroughly follow CDC protocols of cleaning. Additionally, government-sponsored and school-sponsored food distribution programs are exempted from the eating establishment regulations in Section 4. These programs shall follow CDC guidelines on social distancing and protocols for the safe handling and distribution of food.
  • All houses of worship shall strive for density reduction in all services, whether scheduled or based upon a life event such as a funeral or baptism, and wherever practical, shall practice social distancing. Houses of worship are further encouraged to use social media or other video outlets to broadcast worship services. Funeral homes shall likewise strive for density reduction in all activities and shall ensure vehicles used to transport families shall be thoroughly cleaned between uses in accordance with CDC guidelines. Graveside services of 10 or less participants are highly encouraged.
  • Social distancing is the most effective manner of stopping the spread of this emergency. To the extent feasible, it is in the best interest of citizens of Bryan County to not gather in crowds of 10 or more in any location except in an authorized, official government capacity or in places providing essential services, such as grocery stores, gas stations with or without convenience stores, pharmacies and medical facilities. For non-essential businesses/services, they shall ensure the occupancy load, at any given time, allows for a minimum of six feet of social distancing as recommended by the CDC. It is further highly encouraged that all citizens of Bryan County limit travel outside of the County as much as possible.
  • All publicly owned active recreational facilities, including but not limited to playgrounds, athletic fields, tennis courts, and basketball courts will be closed until further notice. Publicly owned passive recreational facilities, such as walking trails, shall remain open, but the public should maintain a minimum social distancing separation of six feet. Passive recreational facilities should not be used by individuals who have been exposed to or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • For privately owned, including not for profit, recreation facilities such as gyms and fitness centers, the facilities shall limit their maximum occupancy to fifty (50) percent and/or ensure a minimum of six feet social distancing between users and deep clean equipment and common areas with high frequency.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed an executive order closing bars, requiring medically fragile individuals to shelter in place and limiting public gatherings to 10 people if they cannot be more than 6 feet apart. That order becomes effective at noon Tuesday.

Photo: WTOC

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