Savannah stores make Southern Living’s ‘Best of Georgia’ list

ByKen Griner|January 31, 2020 at 9:11 AM EST - Updated January 31 at 11:43 AM

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s common to find the city of Savannah and its restaurants and stores making regional and national lists.

Southern Living recently came out with a list of the top stores in Georgia, and while there is one that is a standard on such a list, there are a few surprises.

The Paris Market and Brocanteis once again on the list of best places to shop in the Peach State. But there are three others in Savannah that aren’t usually getting a lot of attention. Two are on Whitaker Street in the Design District -Courtland & Co.andPW Short General Store.

“Very flattering that it’s a small store. I’ve only been here for five years, and it’s gotten some attention says that I’m doing something right I hope,” said Scott Hinson, PW General Store Owner.

“Means I’ve made it. It means I’m in with the best of the best and I appreciate that,” said Courtland Stevens, Courtland & Co. Owner.

The final of the four is a block off Whitaker Street on Monterey Square, at Bull and Gordon streets. It’s calledAlex Raskin Antiques.

“First of all, it came as a big surprise because I didn’t know I was going to be featured that way,” said Alex Raskin, Alex Raskin Antiques Owner.

Raskin has been dealing in antiques since the seventies. He says they deal in furniture, rugs, and paintings, calling himself a generalist collecting things of all periods and types.

“Great design is great design whether it was made yesterday or whether it was made 300 years ago. I’d like to think that in 45 years in the antiques business, I’ve learned to recognize great design when I see it,” Raskin said.

He may know everything he has, but it’s an adventure in his store. All four floors are full of furniture and some say it’s like a museum.

“My shop is more of a hodgepodge, things are pretty much stacked everywhere,” said Raskin.

WTOC’s Ken Griner visited Raskin’s store and told him some of the stuff in there might be a little creepy, like a little kid underneath the stairwell.

When told that, Raskin replied, “Well, he is kind of creepy, particularly where he’s placed. It’s some sort of religious figure from the Southwest.”

And some of the pictures and other furniture and fixtures around the store look like they could come alive at night when everyone is away. It’s definitely worth stopping by and checking it out for yourself.

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