Toys R Us is making a comeback!!!!!!

As Toys R Us Shutters Its Stores, Employees Protest Over Lack Of Severances

Toys R Us is looking to relaunch its online store just in time for Christmas with the help of Target. According to CNBC, Target has partnered with TRU Kids, the parent company of Toys R Us to seal this deal. This allows Toys R Us maintain its online presence after filing bankruptcy. After making their selections, customers will be redirected to complete their purchase on Targets official website.

There hasn’t been any word on what percentages Target will benefit from this major deal, but over the past year Target has expanded and remodeled at least 100 stores making each department look like its own store. For example, Target has remodeled its Beauty area to mimic Sephora. Target has also added curbside pickup for online and in store orders.

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