The cast photos for the live action "Lion King" has me READY to see it!!

Disney has released photos of the cast from the upcoming live action "Lion King" with their animal counterparts and I must say that its has me even more excited for the movie..check them out below

Donald Glover (formerly known as "Childish Gambino") plays the role of adult Simba

Billy Eichner as "Timon", Comedian Seth Rogen as "Pumba", and John Oliver as "Zazu"

Oscar nominated Chiwetel Ejiofor plays the role of the villianous "Scar"

Beyonce Knowles-Carter in the lead female role of "Nala"

Alfre Woodard as the queen of the jungle "Sarabi"

Keegan Michael Key, Florence Kasumba, and Eric Andre fill the roles of the hyenas

JD McCrary and Shahadi Wright Joseph as young Simba and Nala

If those photos don't make you even a tad bit thirsty check out these trailers



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