Earth Day 2020: activities during COVID-19 quarantine

Happy Earth Day! This year marks 50 years since the first Earth Day event on April 22nd, 1970.

This year's Earth Day celebration is a very unique one as people are staying home and social distancing in light of the outbreak of COVID-19. Since quarantine started a little over a month ago and people have been encouraged to stay home, we've actually helped the Earth tremendously. Animals have been seen returning to empty cities, and the Earth's air has been less polluted.

Scientists are noticing changes to the Earth's environment The longer we stay home, the planet gets wilder and cleaner.

While staying home and social distancing is a great way to celebrate Earth day, here are a few other safe ways to celebrate!

🌎#1: Use reusable water bottles

Help stop the pollution of plastic on Earth by using a reusable water bottle.

🌎#2: Go for a bike ride instead of driving

Go for a bike ride instead of driving to help with emission pollution

🌎#3: Unsubscribe to junk mail lists

Waste less paper and save trees by unsubscribing to junk mail lists.

🌎#4: Go paperless

Contact your phone, water, electric companies and get your bills sent to your email instead to save paper.

🌎#5: Turn off lights

Turn off your lights and enjoy the sunlight! It's free and saves energy!

🌎#6: Start a garden

Now is a better time than ever to start your own garden! You can start small with an herb garden!

🌎#7: Use reusable bags

When you're out for essential needs, use a reusable bag to help with plastic pollution!

🌎#8: Stream the Discovery Channel

Get educated! Learn more about the planet!

🌎#9: Donate to a charity

Give back to organizations working to save the planet. Click here to get an idea.

🌎#10: Check out an animal live stream

There are tons of live streams at zoo's, aquariums, and animal sanctuaries. Click here for more.

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