Getting Behind the Music From Chicago’s Own, Kapitol P!

Let’s take a look into the inspiring story of Kapitol P, hip hop artist and lyricist born and raised on the west side of Chicago. You may remember him from A&E’s VoicesMagnified: Locked Up In America and since his appearance he has turned his life around and now his focus is music.

Growing up, Kapitol P found himself face to face with trouble a few times. He caught a murder charge at 18, was found not guilty of the charges, and a couple of years later was locked up again and sentenced to 10 years in the federal penitentiary. His big break came during the Coronavirus pandemic— The institution he was serving his time at had the highest Coronavirus rates and deaths out of all the federal institutions so he fought his case and was released 30 days later due to COVID-19.

Upon his release, Kapitol P participated in A&E’s Magnified Voices: Locked Up In America and is now ready to give the world a taste of his music! Kapitol P just released his new single “Free Em’ All”, an ode to the new film Judas and the Black Messiah which is based off of Kapitol P’s great uncle. “Free Em’ All” features Kapitol P’s uncle Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr, President and Chairman of The Black Panther Party Cubs and the only son of Chairman Fred Hampton. Be sure to check out the music video HERE and let’s continue to follow and support Kapitol P’s evolving music journey. You can follow him on Instagram by clicking Kapitol_P and learn more online at