Suspect breaks into Savannah CBD shop through ceiling

By Alyssa Jackson

Published: Oct. 10, 2022 at 10:56 PM EDT

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Many people don’t expect to be a victim of theft.

This is not what the owners of Hemp Leaf CBD imagined it would look like if it did happen - a person coming through the ceiling of the shop with a rope.

“Windows barred, door is locked, everything is cement around us. You think you’re fortified and they come through the place you least expect,” said Partner and Co-owner Cody Smith.

Cody Smith, partner and co-owner of Hemp Leaf, questions whether they were trying to get to them or the pharmacy next door.

“It all looks the same so how do you know where you’re at if you’re trying to get to this place.”

The thief, using what looks to be a trash bag, grabbed whatever was in reach totaling close to $1,500 of products.

And they fell in not once, but twice!

“I kinda laughed because it took a lot of work for him to get in here and that was a lot of dedication,” said partner Jay Cooper.

He had his laugh, but Jay Cooper, another partner of Hemp Leaf, is uneasy about what happened.

“Not necessarily personal, but you feel violated.”

Cooper was actually the first one to see the damage left behind, which is going to cost the store way more than the stuff that was stolen.

“For someone to come in and start destroying something we built from the ground up kinda hurts a little bit.”

The ceilings, floors and shelves will need to be repaired and replaced.

And until police catch who’s responsible...

Cooper said: “You’ll definitely notice your surroundings a bit more.”

They’re keeping an eye out and getting prepared in case they try to come back.

Savannah Police confirmed there are no updates on any suspects in custody or arrests.

Meanwhile Hemp Leaf is open - their set-up inside just looks a little different while they make repairs and renovate.

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