Lowcountry man returns home after 7-month battle with COVID-19

A Lowcountry man returned home for the first time in over seven months this week after a long battle with COVID-19.

Warner Cooke of North Charleston, South Carolina, came down with COVID-19 in September of 2020 and was checked into Roper Saint Francis Hospital.

I n an interview with Live 5, Cooke said his organs began to shut down, and he was put on a ventilator. “They said I had less than 1 percent chance of surviving,” Cooke said. “But the Lord had other plans.”

Cooke's daughter, Angela Cooke, told Live 5 that the fmaily was brought in three or four times to be told that Warner was not going to make it.

Warner was released from the hospital on Wednesday, March 17. Hospital staff celebrated Warner's release and gave him a standing ovation as he left. See photo and video of the release below.

Photo: Getty Images

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