SPD investigating two social media posts alleging human trafficking attempt

By WTOC Staff| February 18, 2021 at 8:46 PM EST - Updated February 18 at 8:46 PM 

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The Savannah Police Department is investigating two separate social media posts circulating in Savannah that detailed two incidents alleging attempts at human trafficking. 

In one incident, a woman claims a man, who she believed was a human trafficker, was attempting to distract her at a Savannah gas station so that he could take her children. 

Officers spoke with the woman and the alleged suspect and determined the incident to be a misunderstanding and not an attempt at human trafficking. Officers learned the alleged suspect was actually a gas station employee who was attempting to tell the woman that the pump she was at was inoperable.

The second social media post stated that an unmarked black car with a blue dome light in the dash attempted to pull the female victim over on the Truman Parkway. 

Police say the unverified post further states the victim called 911 and learned the black car and a blue truck have been involved in local human trafficking incidents. Police say they have no information on any black or blue vehicles being involved in any human trafficking incidents in the area. 

Detectives contacted the person who made the post and learned she had been involved in a confrontation in traffic with the other vehicle prior to the attempted traffic stop by the unknown black car. 

The Chatham 911 Communications Center searched and was unable to verify a 911 call from the victim about this incident. Police say the incident remains under investigation.

Police say as a safety reminder, “if a suspicious vehicles attempts to pull you over, drive to a populated area and call 911. Dispatchers will be able to verify if an officer has stopped you. Do not get out of the car. A officer will be dispatched to your location immediately.”

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