SCCPSS honors class of 2020 with drive-thru celebration

ByBlair Caldwell|April 27, 2020 at 7:06 PM EDT - Updated April 27 at 7:06 PM

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s been anything but a typical year for the Class of 2020, so to honor them Savannah Chatham County Schools gave their seniors a special ceremony unique to this class.

For the first time in about seven weeks Savannah Arts Academy seniors returned to their school for a day they won’t soon forget.

“I was kind of iffy on it at first, but once I went through I was really excited,” said Celine Shaw, a Savannah Arts Academy senior student. “And I felt pretty good about being a senior.”

“It was really cool because I finally did it,” said Lucy Ketron, a Savannah Arts Academy senior student. “My principal was like you finally did it could you believe it? And I was like no, like this is crazy.”

It was a crazy scene at Savannah Arts Academy this morning, dancing teachers, decked out cars and pom poms to celebrate the class of 2020 and all their accomplishments.

“We love the class of 2020,” said Gif Lockley, SAA Principal. “Records this year, we’ve got two full rides to Princeton. We’ve got kids going all over the country kids going into military we couldn’t be prouder of this class.”

Families lined the streets around Savannah Arts Academy as their students prepared to get their caps and gowns, awards and more. Each car looked different than the next some had a theme while others carried royalty, but each was unique to the senior student this special moment was meant for. Cassidy Hargrove’s family had a special banner made and even played her a memorable tune to drive thru the distribution line.

“I think this is so much better because normally you just walk across the stage and everybody just sits there miserable for a few hours,” said Cassidy Hargrove, a SAA senior. “But I mean not everybody gets to ride with their family through a car and hear an amazing song as people are throwing stuff at them, so I think it was incredible.”

While this day is not what so many parents dreamed of for their children they are making the most of it, taking photos they want for albums down the road and recreating the special moments.

“Well make do of it, said Hargrove’s mom. “It’s not exactly what we had hoped for, but it’s going to be okay. It’s good and it’s definitely something to remember.”

Other parents say they are enjoying quarantine as they soak in as much time with their senior as possible before sending them off to college.

“I’m loving the quarantine because now she’s taking the classes online, she’s home,” said Tamika Williams of her SAA senior Jalynn. “I love it.”

Students say it is bittersweet to see this chapter end, but they are ready for what’s next.

“I’m excited to start my new journey,” said Jalynn Mikel, Savannah Arts Academy senior. “I am also going off to the University of Kentucky so it’s like, it’s really exciting to know what lies ahead for us.”

SAA leaders tell us this isn’t the end of celebrating the class on 2020—they have more planned to honor the class in the future.

Photo: Getty Images

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