Chatham County sheriff adds a paw-sitive new deputy

ByBlair Caldwell|April 2, 2020 at 6:36 PM EDT - Updated April 2 at 6:36 PM

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Times may be ruff right now, but the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office has a paw-sitive solution for it all. And based on the reaction on Facebook, it’s a dog-gone good idea.

Sheriff Wilcher deputized Lexi, a 4 month old chocolate lab this week. Already, she’s on the job to support fellow deputies and sheriff’s office staff.

Her handler, Jennifer Messer, says she’s doing great learning commands and acclimating to her new duties.

Lexi has already worked with officers and brightened the days of so many at CCSO and beyond.

“People love her you know when they see her they stop and talk to her and pet her,” said Sheriff John Wilcher, Chatham County. “She is just a lovable female chocolate lab and she’s going to grow up to be a big chocolate lab, but she’ll be around here for us.”

“Just being that comfort of seeing a puppy or being around a puppy it truly does work for them,” explained Jennifer Messer, coordinator of Operation New Hope at the Chatham County Jail. “It does help because of working those long shifts and it’s not a glamorous job, but I mean we’re going to try to do our very best to get them just that little mental relax.”

Deputy Lexi is not considered a K-9, but she did get to meet them all this week.

She was donated to the department and is sure to provide comfort in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and for years to come.

Photo: Chatham County Sheriff's Office

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