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Usher Settles Rumors About Justin Bieber Collaboration & Chris Brown Issues

Justin Bieber, Usher & Chris Brown

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Usher is opening up about everything lately, but he had to make sure people knew the facts about his stance on both Justin Bieber and Chris Brown.

On Friday, February 16, The Breakfast Club debuted an exclusive clip from the crew's upcoming interview with Usher. In the video, Charlamagne asked the Coming Home singer why things didn't work out with Justin Bieber ahead of the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show. In response, Usher said he believes it worked out fine because the two were able to agree on doing another collaboration later on. He also said that Bieber "wants to tell another story right now."

"We did have a brief conversation and we're going to do another collaboration in the future," Usher explained. "But no love lost or anything like that. I think that it's a lot of pressure for the Super Bowl obviously for me to put together a show so I reached out to everybody. Justin wasn't the only person I actually spoke to about doing the Super Bowl. But the moment was maybe for later. He's going to play the Super Bowl."

In the same clip, Charlamagne followed up by asking if Chris Brown was ever a choice as a special guest. Following the performance, Brown actually showed support for Usher on social media. His positive post reminded fans about an alleged fallout between the two R&B singers following a physical altercation that was reported last year. Of course, Uncle Charla had to ask about the rumor about their alleged beef.

"It's all good man," Usher replied. "It's always going to be something that you're going to hear. Ain't no issues between me and that man. We good."

The interview is set to air on Monday, February 19.

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