Attorney Benjamin Crump Talks George Floyd Killing By Minneapolis Police

After George Floyds tragic murder earlier this week, celebrities and activists alike have been speaking out about his murder. This morning on the show we had Floyd's lawyer Ben Crump to talk about the murder and all the legal steps that are being taken to bring justice to the cops who killed him.

Speaking with DJ Envy this morning the lawyer expressed how terrible it is that we have another one of these type of cases in the country. Since Floyds tragic passing Crump has been working tirelessly to bring justice revealing to Envy that he has been getting tons of footage from the day of the crime from local businesses and bystanders who witnessed it. According to Crump the footage also is able to paint the whole picture that proves that he posed no threat to the officers attempting to arrest him.

"We have video, we have ocular proof, when you look at that video envy you don't see him posing a violent threat to any police officer, actually we have been getting a lot of cell phone video submitted to our office, businesses surveillance video showing us the whole picture, and no where have we seen where he posed a threat to police to justify the fact that they had him faced down in handcuffed and the officer had his knee pressed down in his neck, for nine minutes George Floyd is begging him to take his foot off his neck and the officer offers him no humanity"

Crump also compared George Floyds case to Eric Garner in New York when he was being arrested for selling loose cigarets and was killed as he screamed at officers trying to tell them that he couldn't breathe. Since his death the four police officers involved in the murder have been fired, whether they will be arrested for murder has yet to be seen. From Crumps understanding the officers have not lost their pensions and benefits, however that hasn't been clarified yet but he intends to keep pressing them on it.

While there hasn't been an official report as to why Floyd died, even though we can all imagine why, Crump says that once a medical examiner puts out their report he hopes more people will use their common sense about the whole situation.

"They haven't revealed that yet, they try'd to say he had a medical condition, when our medical examiner look at it without bias, he is going to tell the truth and once that comes out I think everybody will be able to use their common sense"

Minneapolis' governor Jacob Frey has even done multiple public press conferences calling upon the Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman to charge the police officer with murder. Adding on that George should not have died he condemned al the officers involved, "He should not have died. What we saw was horrible. Completely and utterly messed up...what I saw was wrong at every level. He was a human being and his life mattered"

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