Maryland Man Arrested For Allegedly Refusing To Wear Mask At Polling Place

A Maryland man was arrested at a polling site after he refused to put on a mask while trying to vote. Poll workers instructed the man, identified as Daniel Swain, 52, and another voter to put on a mask.

Both men refused and were told they could vote in a designated area for people who are unable or unwilling to cover their faces. As the men continued to cause a scene, poll workers called the police for assistance.

“Deputies worked to resolve the situation for nearly 30 minutes,” the Harford County Sheriff’s Office said. “At that time, one man complied and left the premises; however, Mr. Swain made the choice to continue to refuse to comply directives given by the Election Judge.”

Swain, who recently retired from his captain position with the Baltimore County Department of Corrections, was taken into custody and charged with violating the Governor’s order and trespassing.

Officials said that he is not banned from the polling site and can return at any time to cast his ballot.

“While the polls are open to the public, they are subject to compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Board of Elections and the Governor of Maryland,” the sheriff’s office said.

Photo: Getty Images