Starbucks Is Serving Special Cherry-Flavored Mocha For Valentine's Day

Starbucks is about to make all our Valentine's Day celebrations a little bit sweeter. The coffee giant announced their beloved Cherry Mocha is returning for a limited time run just in time for the special day.

The delicious chocolate-cherry flavor combo will be available at Starbucks locations across the country beginning Thursday (Feb. 7). For those who haven't been lucky enough to try the Cherry Mocha, Starbucks describes it as a "cherry treat-inspired mocha combines our signature espresso, Mocha sauce and cherry flavored syrup." It's also topped with cocoa Valentine sprinkles. It's pretty much a caffeinated love potion because after one sip you'll be obsessed.


While Cherry Mocha returning to Starbucks is certainly exciting, remember that it will only be available for a limited run. Make sure you head to your local Starbucks before Valentine's Day (Feb. 14) to grab a Cherry Mocha before it disappears until next year. Or maybe you can try out Starbucks' new delivery service and get the tasty treat delivered right to your door.

Will you be trying Cherry Mocha this year?

Photo: Starbucks


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