Instagram's New 'Close Friends' Feature Lets You Share Posts Selectively

In a move reminiscent of MySpace's Top 8 and Snapchat's Best Friends list, Instagram has rolled out a new feature called 'Close Friends' that allows users to share stories with a select group of followers. Inspired by the rise of "Finstagrams" (fake Instagram accounts) made exclusively for your best friends to follow, the social media app created their new feature so users can share private posts amongst friends much more easily. So, how do you use this new feature? It's simple.

1) Open your Instagram Stories camera. Take a photo/video or upload something from your camera roll. 

2) In the bottom left corner of the screen, a green circle with a white star will appear. This is the Close Friends button. Click the button. 

3) You’ll then be brought to the Close Friends list where you can add people to your "inner circle." The users you interact with the most - or have interacted with most recently - in Instagram DMs will appear at the top of the list. You can also use the search bar to find other friends. 

4) Once you've created your list, you will be able to share a private story with this group by hitting the green button whenever you capture content in the Instagram Story camera. 

5) Your friends will see a green ring around your Story at the top of their feed and they'll be able to watch as they would your regular stories.

Will you be giving the new Close Friends feature a try?

Photo: Getty

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