Floyd Mayweather Gifts Daughter With HUGE 30-Carat Diamond Ring

Is Floyd Mayweather father of the year? The boxing champ decided to ball out -- which isn't unusual for him to do -- for his daughter's 18th birthday

Turning the big 1-8 is a big moment, indeed, and Floyd wanted to make sure that his little girl turned woman, who's name is Iyanna Mayweather, felt just how much he loves her. Here's the kicker. The boxer gave her one of the most incredible gifts that we've ever seen a parent give their child in our entire lives. No, we're not talking about a luxury car or an all-expensive paid vacation to an exotic country. Floyd gifted his daughter with a 30-CARAT DIAMOND RING!

“The center is an 18-carat canary yellow [diamond],” the president of Pristine Jewelers and creator of the rock said, Page Six reports. “It’s mounted in platinum. Each stone around is a carat and a half. There’s eight of them.” 

Floyd apparently went to Avi's diamond jewelry store in NYC last month to get the ring created. “Canary diamonds are a little bit more expensive,” Avi explained. “So, he wanted something different because she has a lot of white diamond rings. He wanted something to pop out and stand out.” Take a look at two different videos and views of the massive ring below. Must be nice...


Photo: Getty Images


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