Rick Ross 911 Call...

During the conversation, which lasts 15 minutes, the caller claims that the 42-year-old rapper was breathing heavy, throwing up blood and not entirely conscious. In addition to sharing the rapper's current state, the caller admitted Rick's previous history with seizures. "He's been taking medicine. He's been shaking real bad," the caller tells the 911 dispatcher. Click here to hear the conversation in full.

Sources close to Ross revealed that he went home on Monday and is "receiving care at his residence." Even though it was reported that he may have been suffering from respiratory issues, it turned out to be a heart-related issue, putting him in the ICU. After the news broke, an update from TMZ also revealed that the rapper was hooked up to a machine that assisted with the functions of his heart and lungs. Ross was reportedly on ECMO, which oxygenates his blood outside of his body, before it's pumped back into his body. It's something that TMZ referred to as "a form of life support." As the story goes, someone from his residence called 911 at 3:30 AM on Thursday morning, claiming that a man in distress was breathing heavy and unresponsive. Once law enforcement arrived on the scene, he reportedly became combative. 

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