Simply put, Beyoncé is an icon. This woman has had an impact on music in more ways than one, and she continues to raise the bar with everything she does. A part of successful R&B/pop girl band Destiny's Child, Queen Bey branched out into her own tremendous solo career. This woman has been nominated for a Grammy 63 times, taking home 22 of them over the last 17 years, and is the second most-winningest woman (second to bluegrass artist Alison Krauss who has 27 Grammy wins to her name and is the second biggest winner of any gender, tied with Quincy Jones).

But Bey's Grammy wins are only a product of her talent, her drive, her strength as a woman, and her ability to speak the truth and unite fans across the world with her music. In 2013, Beyoncé released her fifth studio album -- but her first self-titled -- and she did it in a revolutionary way: she dropped it without any warning whatsoever as a true surprise for fans. This album has themes of feminism all throughout its 14 tracks, and a few years later, the superstar outdid herself with her most recent album Lemonade. The stunning, visuals and topics covered throughout the album have made an important statement, no doubt influencing so many across the globe.

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