Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am married to quite the mama’s boy. I rarely ever complain about it because his mother is amazing. Its hard not to admire the woman. She cooks, cleans, takes care of the household, and keeps herself physically attractive. She is a perfect example of what a mother should be. However, something recently happened to change my husband’s view of his mother. Late last Saturday night, his mother accidentally sent him a text message that read, “I got home safe. Take care, Daddy.” We know for a fact that this message was not intended for her real “Daddy,” nor my husband, nor HER husband. My husband is very upset and convinced that she is having an affair. He wants to investigate the matter and expose her. I told him that I do not agree and it is none of his business. I try to support my husband in the decisions he makes, but I just can't this time. Am I wrong? Should I sit back and let him investigate? How am I supposed to be a supporting wife when I disagree with his actions?